Fuzzy search menu in Qt

Graphics applications are complex, and often provide hundreds of “nodes” or “commands” to choose from. To provide the user with a convenient way to navigate this long, and often hierarchical list, many modern applications implement a “fuzzy search”, filtering a list of items based on user inputs. Classic examples of this UI include the TAB […]

Autodesk Maya’s MStatus with exceptions

The API of Autodesk Maya is very powerful, but also a bit cumbersome to use due to its age and extremely conservative design. One of its code features is the use of the MStatus class to handle error states — almost all API calls either return or accept a pointer to an MStatus instance. In […]

A simple C++ tokenizer

Loading and parsing text files in computer science is not a trivial topic, and has been studied for a very long time. In this little post I won’t be delving into theory, formal grammars and languages, or corresponding automatons, but describe a simple implementation of a pure C++ tokenizer, as used in the possumwood project. […]