This page lists research-related projects that I was part of during my studies. For open source hacks, please go to Software Hacks section.

Natural Movers

A large uniform motion capture database / data-driven animation system

Natural Movers project is a larger part of my PhD work. It consists of a large uniform motion capture database (captured using our 13-camera passive optical Vicon system and fully processed) and models/experiments built on it. Even though the database is not available online as yet, it already contains data of 100+ motions per each of 83 subjects. The data were used in several of my publications as well as in other work done in our group.

My role in the capturing process was mainly in designing the skeletal structure, markerset and calibration procedure. The data were captured and processed by Amy Davidson, Kenneth Ryall and Alex Collado i Castells.


A large crowd simulation system and perceptual research framework

A large project developed for several years by the GV2 group at Trinity College. The resulting system is a massive crowd and virtual reality simulator with traffic, characters navigating the environment and performing more complex interactions.

My role was to design the animation system for walking characters and the physical layer for behaviour system.



An “arty” installation at the Science Gallery

An interactive installation made for BIORHYTHM exhibition. Sophie Merry’s dancing motions were captured using our motion capture system (capture done by me, data processing mostly by Amy Davidson and Kenneth Ryall) and assembled into a parameterized motion graph synchronized with the beat of background music. Users can interact with the installation by playing a simple DDR game or by changing the point of view/dancing style of the avatar.

My role in this project was originally to perform the motion capture and develop the underlying motion graph system, but was later, due to limited resources, extended to modelling and full visual design of the whole installation. There is much that can be improved on this project, but considering the strictly limited development time, it was a success.

Converter and BVH Editor

Motion capture processing tools

These tools were developed during the work on my PhD to address long-standing issues with our original motion capture pipeline. First tool is a GUI application, allowing to load the motion from V/VSK files (Vicon proprietary formats), preview them and convert them to standard CSM and BVH files. This allows to use the motion capture data directly in most modelling/animation programs. Second tool, BVH editor, is a command-line application allowing to semi-automatically edit the motions by filtering, constraints detection and enforcement and other manipulations.

As these tools were developed as a part of the Natural Movers project, they will be released into opensource with the launch of project’s website.


Aardman Cockerels

An advert I helped to create during my internship at Aardman Animations

During my internship in Aardman Animations, I worked with a team of developers (under the supervision of Philip Child) on the technical side of an advertisement for Kellogg’s. The main part of my work included development of several node plugins for Maya, including mesh-based Poisson distribution with user-defined density (feather placement), parametric procedural feather generation system and feather Renderman exporter.


Changing Object Appearance by Adding Fur

Notes and images made during work on my masters thesis

The work on my Master’s thesis (under the supervision of Erik Reinhard and Pavel Zemcik) included several different parts, including image processing, OpenGL programming, Matlab visualisations and Renderman shaders. While the full text of my thesis can be accessed in the publications section, here I present an informal development blog, containing many more images that were not used in the thesis itself (including several development cul-de-sacs).